Celebrating National Service Dog Month


working service dog

September is now known as  National Service Dog Month, a month to raise awareness and educate the public to these special companions that serve the disabled in countless ways.

In 2008 animal advocate, actor and pet food entrepreneur Dick Van Patten established the National Guide Dog Month after a visit to The Guide Dogs of the Desert in Palm Springs. Mr. Van Patten was so inspired that he led a fundraising benefit guide to help raise funds for Service Dog training schools across the country. What began as a single fundraiser event evolved into a national yearly celebration of the incredible work service dogs perform.

This month is a time to show our appreciation for the many ways these animals have made millions of lives better and fuller. Service Dogs serve people with a wide variety of medical conditions some that are visible and others that are not. We at workingservicedog.com run many sales during the month to celebrate and show our appreciation to our handler teams.

Rescue dogs turned to hero’s. Many trainers and organizations make an effort to train shelter dogs when possible.

Unfortunately for millions of dogs their forever home will be an animal shelter, today many of those dogs will not only find themselves a real home they will also become the champion and companion to a person in need. It is a heartwarming win – win for many.

Service Dogs offer more than Emotional Support. While Service Dogs do provide companionship, comfort and emotional support to their owner those things alone do not make them Service Dogs , it makes them an Emotional Support Dog. A Service Dog not only provides love and comfort they also offer peace of mind, freedom and independence to their handler  by assisting them tasks they often can’t  perform themselves.

National Service Dog Month is a perfect time to honor and celebrate all of the amazing magical qualities of these animals.

Service Dogs have proven in so many ways that they really are Man’s / Woman’s Best Friend!

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