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Our goal at is to provide you with information about the different styles of vests available. 


On our "Service Dog Vests " page you will find a brief description on the different types of vests  available.


On our "Vest Accessories" page you will find unique service dog supplies.

On Our "ESA Products" Page you will find all the products needed to travel with your Emotional Support Dog.


On our "Photos" page you will see many breeds of service dogs wearing their service dog vests.  We believe it is helpful to see how the vest looks on a dog before selecting the vest to buy for your dog.


On our "Sizing" page you will learn the proper way to measure your Dog for a Service Dog / Working Dog Vest.


Make sure you visit our "Blog"  This is where we will communicate news on issues important to the service dog, therapy dog and working dog community.  Our blog will keep you up to date on dog health, wellness, traveling and training, and let you know about the products and services that we provide.

Visit our "Facts you should know about Service Dogs" page for helpful information about service dogs and your rights.


Any of our vests can have the patches of your choice sewn onto the vest.   For example, if you are looking to buy supplies for a therapy dog you can choose any vest and have patches sewn on that read "Therapy Dog". 





As the leading distributor of Service Dog Vests and Service Dog Supplies, we have a wide range of products to outfit your service dog for duty. Choose from mesh vests to keep your service dog cool in the summer, padded vests for added comfort for working dogs or vests with zipper pockets or backpacks to carry supplies. We carry dog vests to fit all sizes, from small service dogs to large service dogs.

We have the largest selection of service dog vests and hope to provide you with all the information you need in order to select the right option for you and your service dog. Visit Service Dog Vests for a brief description of the different kinds of dog vests available and Vest Accessories for unique service dog supplies. If you have an emotional support dog, which is classified differently than a service dog, visit ESA Products.

We know that it's helpful to see how a vest looks on a dog before purchasing a service dog vest online so we've compiled a selection of photos of many different breeds wearing service dog vests on our Photos page. Also, take a look at our Sizing page to learn the proper way to measure your dog for a service dog vest to ensure that you order the right size.

Any of our dog vests can have patches, such as a Therapy Dog or Service Dog patch, sewn onto the vest to more easily establish your dog as a working dog.

Although service dog vests are not required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with service dogs may find it easier to bring their dogs in public outfitted with a service dog vest. It clearly displays that the dog is a service dog and has the right to accompany you to any public establishment.

Service dog vests should only be used by actual service dogs. Representing your pet dog as a service animal is fraudulent and we do not sell service animal supplies for pets. 

For additional questions about service animals or other requirements of the ADA, you may call the U.S. Department of Justice at 800-514-0301 (voice) or 800-514-0383 (TDD).

Ready to get started? Try our Vest Selector Tool to help you sort through our most popular vests. Some factors you should take into consideration when choosing a service dog vest include temperature, duration of wear, visibility, handles, pockets and padding.

If you'd like news on issues that are important the service dog, therapy dog and working dog community, visit our Blog. In addition to informing you about the products and services that we offer, you'll also find information on dog health and wellness, traveling with your service dog and dog training.

Curious about learning more about service dogs? Be sure to visit our Facts You Should Know About Service Dogs page.

We hope that you'll find all of this information helpful when choosing a service dog vest.


It is fraudulent to represent your dog as a service animal if it is not. Please don’t do it!


Are you having trouble picking out the right vest?  Don't know where to start, or just need a little help deciding?  Use our vest selector tool to help you sort through our most popular vests.

A Service Dog Vest is an important piece of equipment as it identifies your dog.  When your dog wears his Service Dog Vest it is quickly recognizable that your dog is a working dog, not a pet. 

Choosing the proper Service Dog Vest for your dog is an important decision.  You should consider, temperature, duration of wear, visibility, handles, pockets and padding.  It should be comfortable for your dog to wear while he is working.

Although not a requirement, these products are intended to help identify your service dog animal. 

We have created this tool to help you choose between the many styles that are available.   

We hope you find it helpful.

Service Dog Supplies and Service Dog Accessories  Service Dog Supplies and Service Dog Accessories