ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Vests

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An Emotional Support dog vest is the best way to identify him as an ESA.

identify him as an Emotional Support Animal. When you plan to have your emotional support

dog accompany you in public areas, you should make sure he has a ESA Dog Vest on. Our

Emotional Support animal vests help members of the public understand that your dog is not only

a pet, but also an Emotional Support Animal. Due to the Fair Housing Amendments Acts

(FHAA) and Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), our dog vests are incredibly important in

identifying your animal as an Emotional Support Dog in public settings where pets are not

usually allowed.

Emotional Support dogs come in all shapes and sizes, you can find an emotional support dog

vest from to fit any sized dog. Like all of our dog vests, these types of vests

are high quality and comfortable for your dog to wear. Our ESA dog vests are available in

durable padded materials that won’t hinder your dog’s movements or ability to assist you. We

also offer ESA dog vests in lightweight cotton materials as well as breathable mesh. Adjustable

straps make it easy for dogs of any size to wear our Emotional support dog vests. We are

dedicated to getting you products for any size emotional support dog!

Emotional Support Dog Tags & IDs

Conveying the right information is crucial to your dog being identified as an Emotional Support

dog. Emotional support dog patches, tags & ID cards can be attached to the vest to help convey

this information. We include at least one free patch with every vest to inform others that your pet

is indeed an Emotional Support Dog. We also include the options of adding up to two more

patches depending on the size of the ESA dog vest. These patches can help more specifically

identify what your emotional support dog helps you with. The patches range from “PTSD Dog”

to “I’m Friendly Please Pet Me.”

We also have ESA dog vests that have ID badge holders, which makes identifying your

emotional support animal quick and easy. You can customize your own Emotional Support Dog

Tags to provide detailed information about your emotional support dog. These emotional support

dog tags and other accessories are crucial to allowing your dog in public without being harassed

over authenticity of your Emotional Support Animal.