Dog Vest Accessories


With you are guaranteed to buy the highest-quality Service Animal Vests,

Patches, ID Cards, or Dog Tags. All of our service dog gear has been created with comfort,

efficiency and identification in mind. There are different regulations for each type of working

dog, its’ important to supply identification for your type of service animal, whether it is a Service

Dog, Therapy Dog or an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Dog. Our products cover each of

these service animal types.

IDENTIFICATION WITH PATCHES & ID CARDS offers many different patches which can help identify the type of working dog. We have

service dog patches, therapy dog patches and emotional support dog patches to help this

identification process. Check our selection for ID Cards, including a service dog id card,

therapy dog id card, or an emotional support dog id card. These ID Cards can be used to show

proper identification in a public presence. Only Service Dogs have the ability to be in areas

where a pet dog wouldn’t be able to enter, so it is important to bring a Service Dog ID Card if

your animal is indeed a Service Dog. We also have Emotional Support Dog ID Cards for your

ESA dog. Using identification sources such as a dog vest patch & ID card will greatly reduce

complications with the public.


At we offer many types of identification products, one being dog tags.

Using patches and an ID Card are the most effective sources of identification, but our dog tags

add extra identification as well as customization. Service Dog Tags can be used as an extra

buffer of identification to help the public understand the purpose of your service animal. Our tags

display different phrases such as “Service Dog Access Required by ADA Law” as well as having

tags for Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy dog tags which read “Therapy Dog” and

“Emotional Support Dog”.

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