Service Dog Accessories

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Service Dog Supplies, Gear & Accessories

We at are offering a large variety of different, yet unique and high-quality accessories for your service dog vest.

Our service dog gear also includes; leashes, vests, service dog patches, service dog ID Cards, and service dog tags.

Having your service dog with you in public is your right under the law of the Americans with

Disabilities Act (ADA). Therefore, a service dog vest with additional identification accessories help

members of the public understand this right, helping to ensure your dog has all access wherever

you go.


We offer an extensive selection of service dog vests & harnesses for you to choose from. With

many different styles, all made from high quality materials, you can find just what you need for

your service dog. Once your Vest is selected, proceed to choose a service dog patch, or a plastic

ID card. If your vest has zippered pockets, you can store your service dog accessories right

inside! We also provide a choice of 36 different service dog patches to ensure your dog is

identified properly for its’ use and legal standing.