ESA Dog Information & Facts

ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Information

An ESA (Emotional Service Animal) is an animal that provides companionship, affection and comfort to their owner.

Though ESA dogs can provide relief, they are not to be

confused with a Therapy Dog, or a Service Dog. An Emotional Support Animal is

best for those who suffer from some of the following symptoms, but is not limited to; stress

disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, specific phobias, or for those

with a type of depressive disorder. ESA dogs, unlike service dogs, do not need to be trained for

specific tasks or objectives-they can be part of your family and home.

Currently, there are no government agencies that will require that you obtain certification for

your ESA, however, many people who have ESAs find that having some type of ID card can go

a long way in avoiding hassles and confrontations with people who are unaware of this

information. If you wish to get a certificate type of ID item for your ESA, you can find a variety

of options for your Emotional Support Dog at our store, With

Emotional Support dog certification, your emotional support animal will be able to travel with

you, as well as circumvent “No Pets Allowed” within residential complexes.

Those in the know understand that an ESA is not a service animal. An emotional support dog is

not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA and it is illegal to display your dog

as a service dog if it is not one. Therefore, our Emotional Support Animal Registration ID cards

do not come with US Federal law on the back like our other service dog ID cards. However,

ESAs do have laws that protect them while traveling, as well as certain housing rights. It is

beneficial for you to be able to provide emotional support animal certification documentation as

well as identification if it will help you avoid issues.