Service Dog Vests

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Service Dog Vest is an exclusive manufacturer and offer service dog vest products to meet your dogs’

identification needs. We have the largest selection of high-quality service dog vests online, and

have made them available to everyone at affordable prices.

Having your service dog with you in public is your right under the law of the Americans with

Disabilities Act (ADA). A service dog vest helps members of the public understand this right,

helping to ensure your dog has all access wherever you go!


We offer an extensive selection of service dog vests & harnesses for you to choose from. With

many different styles, all made from high quality materials, you can find just what you need for

your service dog. Padded and mesh materials can ensure comfort for your dog, while plastic ID

card holders with zippered pockets add additional utility to make your outings easier. We also

provide you with an online Vest Selector Tool to help you decide which vest is right for your



We manufacture our service dog vests at our USA facility. We offer vests made from padded, cotton, and mesh

materials to give you a product that not only lasts, but also fits comfortably on your service dog.

We offer service dog vests & service dog harnesses for sale in a number of sizes, colors, even in

camouflage. You may also choose a vest with a reflective strip to enhance your service dog’s

visibility on the road when traveling at night. Many vests are equipped with additional features

for added utility. Vests with a zippered pocket can hold important items while traveling in

public, including medication or our custom service dog ID cards.


Our service dog vest provides the public with a visual indication that your dog is not a pet.

However, you may find that you need additional help to ensure your public outings go as

smoothly as possible. Service dog patches are an ideal way to achieve this, as they attach right

onto your service dog vest, making it easier to determine.

Most of our service dog vests come with a vast choice of 36 patches. You will receive a free

patch already attached with each vest purchase. If you choose to purchase additional service dog

patches, we will sew them onto your service dog vest free of charge!

Please contact us at 339-364-8378 if you need help choosing a Service Dog Vest for your dog or have any questions about our products.